SILVERWOOD: “Smart – in every sense”

New Homes / Award Winning


Silverwood Showhome 
(A pre-Aramus project)


A house that was flexible enough to adjust for a growing family, but could then easily adapt again when the family was grown and had moved away. Because they didn’t want to have to move to something smaller in later years. They also wanted a home that would allow indoor and outdoor flow, but suited to Wellington conditions, and that would let them make the most as a family of new technology.


An award winning home with a large bedroom downstairs that could be used as a guest suite, or as a master bedroom if a couple didn’t want to have their room upstairs when they were older. We also created a “kids lounge” upstairs so the children could have their own space while the family was growing. Technology was to the fore with the use of the Wiser App, which allowed the family to control the TV, lights and even the stereo from a cellphone.